Refund Anticipation Loan

The Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)

Qualified Taxx Time® customers can apply for a Refund Anticipation Loan, or RAL, and receive the proceeds of their loan in as little as 1 day*. When you are approved for a Refund Anticipation Loan, you can choose how to receive the loan proceeds. At Taxx Time, you can return to the office where you had your income tax return prepared and filed to pick up your check, or you can choose to have the loan proceeds wired into your bank.

What you should know before you choose a Refund Anticipation Loan

A Refund Anticipation Loan is a loan that is made available to qualified customers by a bank based upon several criteria, including the customer’s anticipated tax refund. Your Taxx Time® tax preparer will explain all the product options that are available to you when you come in for income tax preparation. When you choose the Refund Anticipation Loan and are approved, there will be no out-of-pocket payment required because all fees will be withheld from the loan amount. The Refund Anticipation Loan is paid back with your refund.

* You must e-file your tax return to apply for and receive the Refund Anticipation Loan. Taxx Time Tax Service is an authorized IRS e-filer.