Refund Anticipation Loan (RAL)

There are a lot of bad press about Refund Anticipation Loan or RAL. We hear that RAL is about gouging customers and it is not a consumer friendly program. Unfortunately it is only partly true. Some unscrupulous vendors do charge high fees for consumers for their refund.

If you are being billed over $200 to do individual tax return you need to walk out of that place and come to us.

We very strongly believe that Tax Filing is a service job and the fees charged on the service need to be nominal. We found out that a lot of customers do need money urgently when they can get their hand on it as early as in the tax season.

To provide best service with low fees, we researched most of the vendors out there to find out how much they charge and what they offer for their fees. Based on our research, we picked Chase Bank Tax Related Products to serve your needs best. Unlike other banks which charge hefty fees and offer 'kickbacks' to the tax preparer, Chase do not offer any of that. Their fees, are comparatively low. Keeping your cost low in mind, we decided to align with Chase to get you the best deal in your tax preparation costs.

Here are their fees and how the program works. Please do not hesitate to ask around and see what others charge and beware of what they charge and compare with our fees. We feel confident that we are the leaders in low fees, when it comes to RAL, and preparer assisted Tax filing.

Instant Refund Anticipation Loans

Get immediately $1000 when you come to do your taxes with us.

Need W2, Minimum tax refund need to be $2500

You will immediately get a check of $1500. Chase charges a fee of $39. Cost is 1% of the loan amount. Please note that all the above fees are imposed by Chase.

RAL (full Refund)

$39 fees, 24-48 hours to get the check.