We get you more in refund!

Post date: Jan 23, 2009 12:03:23 AM

A client walked in yesterday, around 7.30 PM, I was ready to go home, and since he was there with his kids, decided to pick up his case. Found that he has paid someone money to do the taxes and then they gave the return to mail it to IRS.

Looked through the return and found that it was around $2000.

We started to do his taxes, asking him various questions and including all this deductions, his refund amount was $4100!

He was astounded, and we were disappointed to see that there are tax practitioners out there, who doesn't seem to know what they are doing. I am also hearing this complaint from people who come from established Tax Preparer companies which are national. I think there should be some kind of checks and balances before someone is allowed to practice taxes.