We beat Turbo Tax again!

Post date: Feb 10, 2010 3:01:41 PM

I am not sure how Turbo Tax codes there program, one family walked into our Fiesta Mart (South location - the north location is by 79 and A W Grimes; we have a few more locations we can help you file, working with our CPA or accountants) location the other day.

They were upfront and told us that they wanted a free estimate (we offer free estimates for everyone - free estimate of their refund amount and free estimate of the fees they pay us). They said they are doing their taxes with Turbo Tax online and they got $3100 in refund. They also mentioned that they have some farm income and that wouldn't allow them to efile, which we were surprised of.

Anyway, I interviewed them, understood their family situation and suggested them to include more deductions possible in their situation. Finally when we put everything together, they got $5800 in refund! They were stunned by it, and they wanted to e-file, since we didn't had any problem efiling (two cases you cannot efile - if you have purchased a home and wanted to get the $8000 credit, and applying for an ITIN number and wanting to file the tax ).

We efiled their return and couldn't be happier! A true story.